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Chester Monte's Murder Mystery - Bolton

Chester Monte's Murder Mystery - Bolton

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Single Device - team plays via 1 phone

Multi Device - team plays via 1-4 phones - £5 extra

More Information?

Both ticket types are TEAM tickets.

The Single device ticket allows you to play as a group using 1 phone. This still offers a great experience and you can take it in turns solving puzzles.

The Multi device ticket allows you to play as a group using up to 4 phones. This allows each player to solve the puzzles themselves and compete amongst each other as well as other teams.

Key Points

🎮  2-6 players per group
🏎️  Start any weekend
🎟️  1 ticket per group
📍  All quests within a 1/2 mile radius
⌛  Couple of hours to complete


Get ready to immerse yourself in an exciting and exclusive adventure. Explore the city like never before with our cutting-edge mobile app as your trusty guide. Trek through the town, crack codes, and interrogate virtual suspects to gather crucial clues. (Yes, it's like being in your own thrilling detective movie!)


Welcome to the seedy streets of the city, where darkness and danger lurk around every corner. You are a private investigator, tasked with solving the most high-profile murder case to hit the city in years. The victim? The infamous politician, Chester Monte.

The fate of the city rests in your hands. Detectives, are you up to the challenge?

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When To Play?

Your ticket is able to be used any time EVERY Saturday and Sunday. Tickets remain valid until they are redeemed, so why not book now and take advantage of our DISCOUNT CODE: CHESTERMONTE10 for £10 off all tickets!

Where To Play?

You can get your detective on ALL OVER THE UK. We have 30 events on each weekend in some of the best cities in the UK. There is sure to be an event near you!

How To Play?

Our events are based in various city centre's across the UK. Make your way around the city centre solving puzzles, interviewing characters, and meeting other teams. All events are based within a 1/2 mile radius.

  • Truly Awesome Day Out! We Got The Killer!

    Event: Chester Monte - Leicester


    Me and three friends went to the Leicester event and had a great day! The story was so well written, and we loved piecing all the bits of evidence and other clues together to work our what happened!


    Luke Raynor

  • We Loved It! But Oh No Poor Chester!

    Event: Chester Monte - Edinburgh


    We loved the Chester Monte event! This was our first I’m Puzzled game and we can’t wait for the next! Loads of people came dressed as old school detectives, we’re definitely dressing up next time!


    James Moray

  • Great For A Family Day Out! We All Loved It!

    Event: Chester Monte - Manchester


    It was awesome! We took the kids to the Chester Monte murder mystery event and we all had a great day out. The puzzles got us all thinking and the kids loved the character voices!


    Rodney Ray

What Happens When I Get My Ticket?

Get your ticket, we'll send you an instructional email, download our industry leading app, head to your event location, solve the murder case! It's as simple as that - well except for solving the case, that's not so simple ;)

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Become a Detective For The Day!

Six Suspects, Six Key Pieces of evidence and 5 potential murder weapons. Work your way around the event, gather the most damming evidence, and build your case against the killer! Can your team work out who killed Chester Monte?

Meet Other Teams of Detectives

Join fellow detectives all across the UK. Meet up, trade evidence, and discuss theories about the murder - Or send them off on a wild goose chase, we'll leave that decision up to you...

Sleuthy Style!

Don your best detective attire and show off your sleuthy style with the other teams at the start location! Ooor don't, it's totally up to you :) Just make sure not to alert the fashion police!

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