Top 5 Days Out In Nottingham

Top 5 Days Out In Nottingham

With a great variety of family friendly attractions and days out to choose from, families will find oodles of fun in Nottinghamshire. Fill your days with adventures, exploring vast country parks, visiting the county’s great entertainment attractions or discovering the legendary history of Robin Hood country.
  1. Explore Nottingham Castle: Start your day by visiting Nottingham Castle, a historic site that has been a key feature of the city for centuries. The castle offers a blend of history, art, and stunning views of the city. Explore the museum inside, which covers Nottingham's history from medieval times to the present. Don't miss the beautiful gardens surrounding the castle, providing a peaceful escape in the heart of the city.

  2. Detective Murder Mystery Experience: Embark on a city wide detective murder mystery adventure around Nottingham city centre. 6 suspects, 5 Weapons and 6 key pieces of evidence. Make your way around the city interviewing suspects, finding potential murder weapons and gathering evidence to build your case file. Can you catch the killer? 

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  3. Experience Nottingham's Caves: Nottingham is famous for its network of caves beneath the city. Spend an afternoon exploring the City of Caves, a series of man-made caves that date back to medieval times. These caves have served various purposes throughout history, from dwelling places to storage areas. The tour provides a fascinating insight into Nottingham's underground history.

  4. Visit Wollaton Hall and Deer Park: Wollaton Hall is a stunning Elizabethan mansion surrounded by a vast Deer Park. Explore the beautiful grounds, spot deer roaming freely, and enjoy the scenic lakeside views. The hall itself houses the Nottingham Natural History Museum, showcasing an impressive collection of artifacts. Wollaton Hall is not only a cultural and historical site but also a great place for a relaxing day out.

  5. Indulge in Nottingham's Culinary Scene: Nottingham boasts a diverse and thriving culinary scene. Spend your evening exploring the city's restaurants and pubs, offering everything from traditional British fare to international cuisines. The Hockley area is known for its vibrant nightlife and a variety of dining options. Try local specialties and explore the city's lively atmosphere after dark.

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